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Don’t be fooled by huge followings. Mere numbers tell you nothing about how influential and effective an influencer is in truly influencing and delivering your message to the right target audiences.

Micro-influencers build stronger trust with their followers that leads to higher click throughs, ultimately increasing conversion to your website. The proven result: higher click-throughs + increased engagement = increased sales for your brand


Trust Aggregates in Smaller Audiences

The concept that influencers campaign is …. FALSE. Trust is Key. Trust tends to aggregate in smaller audiences must have millions of followers for a successful

More Bang for Your Buck

Influencer marketing is more cost effective and efficient than traditional marketing *Source: US Campaign, http://bit.ly/2Q5QVZt. Working with micro influencers raises our campaign ROI and lowers the overall dollar spend.

Expand Your Market Reach

Influencer marketing connects your brand to a high potential audience of current and future customers, brand advocates, and peer to peer influencers who carry your message to their social communities and extend your market reach.


Performance Based Influencer Campaigns

We believe incentive based pay produces optimal results. You only pay for results.

Twillo campaigns are set up similar to a media advertisement spend. You walk away from Twillo campaigns with impressions, reach, likes, comments, post saves, and beautiful content to use for your brand - but you only pay for results, unique clicks sent to your website.

Influencer Partnerships Tailored To Your Customer’s Profile

We spend time really understanding and getting to know who your customer is. Based on your target market's demographics and psychographics, we partner you with an Influencer whose audience matches this specific profile. We pull data on each of our Influencers and analyze their audiences. We guarantee we are placing your brand messaging in front of the "right" audiences.

Our Process

Our Campaigns Are Broken Into Multiple Phases


Awareness Phase

Influencers create an emotional connection between their audience and your brand. The goal is to determine the top performers to move onto the next phase. Twillo places Influencers in A/B Test groups to test - promotional language, creatives, audience demographics, and various U.S. markets


Introduce the Product/Service and Track Engagement

Influencers further immerse their audience into your brand by introducing the specifics of your product and/or service

Top Performers from phase 1 continue to promote in phase 2

New influencer are engaged based on top performers’ data & insights

Facebook Advertising - top performing Influencers’ content is used as creatives and remarket back to the Influencer audiences’ as well as target new “Look alike” audiences


Convert, Convert, Convert

The final phase is optimized with the core group of Influencers who are most effective at shifting audiences’ mindsets in order to take action

Content is “Call To Action” focused

Facebook Advertising - Ads are optimized for conversion



Why Performance Based Influencer Marketing

Meet Twillo’s Founder, Adelaide Freeman

Check out her video, as she explains the benefits of Performance Based Influencer Marketing and how Twillo stands apart from the rest.

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